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Company Services



Preparation and completion of trading profit and loss account.  Capital allowance computations  for incorporation into your personal tax return before submission.


Preparation and completion of trading profit and loss accounts, capital allowance computation for incorporation into partnership tax returns and respective individual returns based on agreed partnership share.


Preparation of accounts based on clients records.  Completion and submission of abbreviated accounts to Companies House submission IXBRL accounts and CT600 (Company Tax Return) to HMRC.


We love business start ups.  It allows us an opportunity to share our wealth of contacts within business including contacts with most major banks to web designers and  SEO experts. It also gives us a clean slate in respect of accounting and therefore allows us to help you in bed strong processes for accurate record keeping and implement  appropriate tax planning measures.  


Through the use of Xero and other cloud technology we can implement and run seamless booking which will include the availability of a range of management reports and scanned copy of your purchases expenses attached to all debits within your accounts.

Individual Services




Completion and submission of personal tax returns for higher rate tax payers or directors of Limited Companies.


Service – Due to the change in legislation, 95% of employment agencies and their associated payroll companies will no longer pay you as self employed.  Instead, you will be forced to paid via PAYE Umbrella Company, resulting in a reduction in your take home pay of up to 20%.  This can be avoided by the incorporation of a Limited Company.

The accounting process of a Limited Company is much more detailed than that of a Self-Employed individual but that is what we are here for.  Trading as a Limited Company negates the need for your individual agency or contractor to pay you through a payroll company and thus saving you up to £20.00 per week.

As a client of ours, we will contact your agency on your behalf if they still insist on using a payroll firm to pay you.  We try to negotiate a reduce fee or an alternative solution, all with the view to saving you the weekly payroll fee.  We will aim to reduce the weekly payroll fees you are being charged, so that our annual accountancy fees of £750.00 are covered by the saving.


Completion of rental accounts for incorporation and submission in your personal tax return.

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We can then submit all returns on your behalf, minimising your potential tax liability. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible, with the minimum amount of hassle.

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